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Prayer for a Future Spouse

God, I seek to do Your will above all else.

Help me to be open to Your calling in my life.

Mold me, that I may become the best partner for my future spouse

That I may learn to be selfless, patient, humble, and understanding

That I may love my future spouse unconditionally as You do

That I take advantage of this time of waiting to prepare myself for the Sacrament of Marriage

and practice all that is needed to honor its sacred vows.

Be with my future spouse

That he/she may love and seek You first in their life

That he/she will love me as You do- faithfully, fruitfully, freely and completely

That he/she be healed from any brokenness they carry

and that he/she be led by the Holy Spirit in all things.

Guide my heart, that I may see those I date as You see them,

looking past outward appearances

and focusing on who they are as a person

That I may date with purpose-

to find the one who brings out the best in me and I in them

and to find the one who leads me closer to You!


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