The Living Saint Among Us

Grandma: Your Uncle Ever was born in a cave. Me, stammering: Wait, wahhht? Huh? Mama, what are you talking about? Grandma: It was during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. Your grandpa was in the army, and at the time, I had to go into hiding. Me, dumbfounded: But you were pregnant!! That must have been so difficult! How did you survive? Grandma: It was the will of God. What can you do? Me, upset and frustrated: But you were only a teenager! Grandma: That was how it was. Me, utterly flabbergasted: But weren't you...terrified? This was your first time giving birth! Grandma: God was with me. Dionisia Velena (1927-2017), my grandmother, was truly a living saint among us. She and many o

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