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Catholic TV Interview
As a TV Cohost
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Discerning God's Voice
When God Speaks
Celebrate the Good God Sees in the World!

So much can be achieved when we celebrate the good God sees in the world-- our spirits are renewed, our perspective widens, and our burdens lighten, to name but a few. How, though, can we learn to see the good God sees? How can we overcome the negativity of this world and in the circumstances we find ourselves in? This talk reveals five essential tools to help us see through God's loving and merciful eyes, so that we can reside in His peace and celebrate the good He sees in our every day lives!

Spiritual Direction 411

What is Spiritual Direction, and why is it important? How can I find a Spiritual Director? What is the difference between Spiritual Direction and spiritual counseling? Let "Spiritual Direction 411" be your guide to uncovering the most frequently asked questions about this ancient Catholic discipline.

Struggles in Prayer

Boredom. Busyness. Distractions. Silence. Dryness. Pointless. Unanswered Prayers. Shame. If any of these words come to mind when you think of prayer, this talk is for you. "Overcoming Struggles in Prayer" provides helpful suggestions and a deeper understanding to the common difficulties many of us face during prayer.

A Time for All Seasons:
5 Tips for Discernment

Whether it be your career, future spouse, vocation, number of children, school or other significant life decision, "A Time for All Seasons: 5 Tips for Discernment" offers a unique perspective and practical tools to help you learn how to discern God’s will for your life.

God, Why the Long Wait?

You pray and you pray and you pray, but is God even listening? Why does God take so long in answering our prayers, and why does He choose to answer some prayers over others? "God, Why the Long Wait?" is a pithy reflection on the timing of God, His role as our Good Father, and the virtues that come from waiting patiently in trust.

What does God Sound Like?

Contrary to popular belief, God can and does respond to our hopes, dreams, frustrations, anger, sadness, and anything else we may share with Him in prayer. "What does God Sound Like?" expands on four different ways God may choose to speak with us: Silence, Scripture, Tradition, and Non-Traditional Means. Learning how to distinguish God’s voice among others can help strengthen your relationship with the One who loves you most!

Prayer for those
Always On The Go

Calling all parents, studious students, active young adults, full-time employees, and all those whose lives just keeps getting busier and busier! Prayer can be most difficult for those who are always on the go, but it is certainly possible. This talk explores several spiritual practices that offer busy bees an opportunity to incorporate God in their every day lives.

Why Pray?

What is the point of prayer? Why is it important, and what can I do to strengthen my prayer life? Our relationship with God is the single most important relationship in our lives, and prayer is what fuels it. With the help of our beloved Saints, the life of Jesus and His Word, "Why Pray?" breaks open the beauty, the mystery and the necessity of prayer. 

How to Become a Saint!

We are all called to be saints. Yet, our erroneous conception that our beloved Saints were perfect often discourages us in our spiritual journey. "How to Become a Saint!" confidently unveils the truth behind what it means to be a saint in the here and now, with inspired tips and compelling testimonies to help you grow in holiness.

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