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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Spiritual Direction?

The purpose of Spiritual Direction is to grow in holiness and strengthen one's relationship with God. Like a coach, the Spiritual Director guides, affirms, and teaches. Like a counselor, the Spiritual Director listens, advises, and supports. Like a friend, the Spiritual Director consoles and shares laughs. The focus in Spiritual Direction, however, is on the directee and his/her relationship with God. It seeks to deepen the directee's prayer life through the guidance of the Holy Spirit who is the true Spiritual Director. 

I offer support to directees seeking help discerning God’s will, guidance on how to overcome certain obstacles in prayer, clarity on how God may be working in their life, assistance recognizing God’s presence throughout their day, and instruction on how to distinguish God’s voice, among other reasons. 

What happens during a Spiritual Direction meeting?

We begin and end each spiritual direction meeting in prayer imploring the Holy Spirit to guide the encounter. Then, the directee is free to discuss their current spiritual state, struggles and advances in their faith, where they recently experienced God's presence, and inquire how God may be working in the midst of their troubles. The spiritual director prayerfully listens and responds to the directee's successes and concerns emphasizing on what God may be trying to tell the directee through these experiences. The spiritual director may also incorporate the desires of the directee to learn particular prayers or focus on a certain aspect of Catholic spirituality like the Saints, the Catholic mass, etc.

Why should I consider Spiritual Direction?

We are all called to holiness (Lumen Gentium). Countless Saints were known to have spiritual directors. St. Teresa of Avila, St. Mother Theresa, and St. John Paul II all had spiritual directors to help them navigate their interior lives and draw closer to our beloved Christ.

Can a lay person be a Spiritual Director? I thought only priests could do that!


Did you know that St. John Paul II had a lay spiritual director? His name was Jan Tyranowski, and he was a taylor who led a youth group that St. John Paul II was apart of! Jan was very devout and spoke about the faith in a way that inspired the young Saint to become a priest.


As such, a spiritual director can be a priest, nun, or lay person. What is more essential is that you find a spiritual director who you feel you can relate to and someone who authentically lives out the Catholic faith. Most importantly, the spiritual director you select should help you grow in holiness. If they are not, it is time to move on.

Where do we meet for Spiritual Direction?

Depending on your needs, I am able to provide spiritual direction by phone or through video chat. You can schedule an appointment here.

Is there a fee?

Yes. The fee is on a sliding scale of $35-$90 per hour according to what you can comfortably afford, and it is what allows this beautiful ministry to continue. You can schedule an appointment here.

Are you an approved Spiritual Director by your Diocese?

Yes. I am on the official list of Spiritual Directors for my Diocese.

What other services do you provide?

For any of the following services, please email me at

  • One Day Retreat

  • Weekend Retreat

  • Speaker

  • Praise and Worship

  • Workshops

  • Writing

  • Group Spiritual Direction

How often do we meet for spiritual direction?

Most directees find it helpful to meet once a month with their spiritual director. However, this is all dependent on the directee and their own individual needs. Some directees choose to meet on a quarterly, bimonthly, or on an as-needed basis. It is not advised to meet more frequently than once a month as it is essential that directees have time to reflect and pray about all that was shared during the meeting. Take time to prayerfully consider how often meeting with a spiritual director would be beneficial for you.

Who am I?

My name is Carrell Jamilano, and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to accompany others in their spiritual journey towards God. I find that God is truly present in both the ordinary and the extraordinary. I see God's face in His wondrous creation which is why I enjoy hiking and being surrounded by grand mountains, sparkling lakes, and fragrant flowers. I also find God in the seemingly mundane moments of my life like a smile from a stranger, words from a co-worker, laughter among friends, or a line from a movie. To me, God is truly present in all things and within each soul, and I seek to help others uncover His omnipresence in their experiences and in the world and people around them.


I received my Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology at St. Joseph's College of Maine. I am the author of The Alluring Voice of God: Forming Daily Encounters, a book on how to better hear God's compassionate voice in one's everyday life. I am also a television cohost for Shalom World TV’s program, “WOMAN: Strong Faith, True Beauty,” a talk show for all you holy ladies who radiate God's love and beauty as sisters, daughters, mothers, aunts, friends, wives and leaders of our world today. I have been graced with the opportunity of appearing as a guest on SiriusXM radio, CFN Live!, and  "The Gist" and "This is the Day" produced by Catholic TV Network. In addition, my writings have been published with  Liguorian, Life Teen International, and The Upper Room. l had the great honor of being featured by The Press-Enterprise in their “Inland Rising Star” series for my spiritual direction ministry, and my book, The Alluring Voice of God: Forming Daily Encounters, has received a noteworthy review by Catholic News Agency, a service of EWTN News Inc.

How can I subscribe?

To deepen your prayer life and receive spiritual guidance,discernment help, giveaway opportunities, the latest blogs and more, subscribe here.

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