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The Alluring Voice of God: Forming Daily Encounters

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Desire greater intimacy with God? To better hear and respond to His loving and merciful voice?

For centuries the art of spiritual direction has helped countless Catholics to understand what God is saying, and how He is at work in their lives. Whether discerning a big decision about future plans, or simply seeking to overcome some personal or relational challenge, The Alluring Voice of God: Forming Daily Encounter is a unique tool for spiritual discernment and growth. It offers a concrete way to encounter God in the everyday, providing step by step guidance on how to: speak and listen to God, discern His will, resolve prayer obstacles, and enjoy the fruits of transformative prayer.

Through various prayer exercises, lesson plans for group leaders and personal reflection guidance, The Alluring Voice of God addresses questions like: "Is God really listening?" "What is God calling me to do?" "Where is God in my life right now?" "How do I distinguish God’s voice?" With relatable content and detailed instruction, seekers will learn to know and hear His loving and caring call.

Faithful, Engaged, Direct.

Belief declines, but our relationship with God need not dissolve. Carrell Jamilano offers a practical, honest “return to God” call that meets young adult readers and their parents where they are. She recognizes the struggles of faith because she has experienced them herself. These range from actively questioning God’s presence to routine boredom and distractions. Jamilano reminds us God seeks relationship with us in all places, usual and unusual alike. She offers practical advice to start and maintain a prayer life that alerts readers to God’s abundant and sustaining love.


— Dr. Jeffrey Marlett, The College of St. Rose


Carrell Jamilano brings a true evangelist’s gift for storytelling to this refreshing new book on the spiritual life. With great vulnerability and compassion for the real-life struggles of young people, her new book, The Alluring Voice of God, is a precious resource for individual or group use. Invitingly clear and simple in its presentation, it is nevertheless packed with authentic teaching and powerful questions that will ignite a deeper conversation with God in all who read it.


— Lisa Mladinich, author and founder of

I wish this book had been available when I was a young Catholic!

Knowing that experience is the basis of all theology that is worth the name, Carrell Jamilano has woven together seamlessly her education and her personal experience as both inquirer and director to create this guidebook for young people seeking an experiential basis for their faith. She presents traditional, time-honored practices, such as the five types of prayer and the rosary, as liberating rather than constraining, showing the reader how they can creatively use those methods to create a distinctive path filled with the joy and love of a deeply faith-filled life.

With eminently practical tips and insightful reflection questions, Carrell offers direction to help her reader truly “find God in all things.” Although it is written especially for young adult Catholics and teens, anyone who wants to deepen and revitalize their relationship with God will richly benefit from finding a place for this book on their bookshelf and in their heart.

— Dr. Pamela Hedrick, St. Joseph's College of Maine


Lesson Plans for The Alluring Voice of God

Do you have a Catholic youth/young adult group, faith formation/Theology class, book club, or ministry leadership team? Receive nine lesson plans for your group's specific needs. The Alluring Voice of God is a dynamic, straightforward and inspiring text that can be easily implemented as a core part of your curriculum or as a supplemental resource. You will find ready-made discussion questions and prayer exercises at the end of each chapter. In addition, this guide presents activities, suggested timelines and opening prayers for every session. Adapt the material to the needs of your group and let the encounter begin! To receive the leader's guide with all nine lesson plans, submit the form below.



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