Ways to Grow in Intimacy With God in the Midst of Mass Suspensions

With masses suspended throughout the world, it is tempting for many of our faithful brothers and sisters to become disheartened and feel abandoned by our Church. Yet, in the eyes of faith, we know, we believe and we trust that God has never left us and never will. He remains at our side even when we are too distraught and blinded by the chaos around us to see Him. God calls us near, gently reminding us that when we keep our sights on Him we will not fall. Ask Peter, he knows (Matt.14:22-33)! So what can we do, then, when the source and summit of our faith, the Eucharist (LG 11), gifted to us in the Holy Mass is abruptly but temporarily taken away from us? How can we continue to be in communi

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