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Prayer of Letting Go

Lord, please help me to let go.

Help me to trust you with my life- ALL of it: school, work, my family, my future, and in my relationships.

God, I want so much to do Your will, but I know it is I- my fears, insecurities, and selfish desires- that get in the way.

When I start worrying about things that I have no control over, remind me that it is You who takes care of my needs and multiplies my efforts.

When I give myself a hard time for all the things that I have done wrong, remind me of Your mercy and endless love You have for me and all Your people.

When I feel like I am all alone in my struggles, remind me of the cross and how You were humiliated, rejected, beaten, and crucified.

You alone are all I need. You alone make me whole again. You alone are what my heart longs for.

God, take away my worries and take away my fears. Help me to trust in Your divine power.

Mold my heart, transform my life, and allow me to radiate Your perfect love to all those who are in need of Your mercy and grace.

Lord, draw me closer to You! Amen.

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