Lord, Teach us to Pray...(Three Tips to Strengthen your Prayer Life)

I saw a hilarious comic posted on Facebook describing what it would sound like if we were to speak to our friends the same way many of us speak to God. In the comic, a man tells his girlfriend, "Babe, could you just, just pick up some milk, Babe, when you're at the store? Just go ahead Babe and just, just go to the milk section, Babe. Just grab a gallon of milk and just, just place it right in your cart. Babe, just, thanks, Babe. Just." The expression on his girlfriend's face is priceless, because it says what is exactly on the readers mind, "Has my boyfriend gone off the deep end?" Unfortunately, the way the comic depicts prayer for most people is not too far from the truth. Although we may

ALL Lives Matter

This morning, I spent hours researching all the candidates for this upcoming primary election. As I reflected and prayed through this often tedious process, I was guided by the truth of these three simple words, "ALL lives matter." It's what I love most about the Catholic Church. EaCh life is important and NO life is More important than the other. The life of the immigrant has equal importance to the life of the natural born citizen. The life of the mother has equal importance to the life of the unborn baby. The life of colored people has equal importance to the life of non-colored people. The life of the poor has equal importance to the life of the rich. The life of the LGBT person is equal

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