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Mother Mary's Fiat

Mother Mary is the Saint of all saints! She reminds us of the glory that comes when we say yes to our God. I wrote the following song in her honor, because even at a young age, she was able to trust in God's plan- something that I desperately struggled with and still do. She became pregnant with the holy spirit- not a story many people would believe. She could have been stoned to death in her time, but yet, she had faith.

I pray and hope that I can be as courageous and faithful as she was...that I could say "Yes" to His plan even in the midst of uncertainty, persecution, or despair...that I could say "Yes" to Him in every part of my life...that I could say "Yes" to loving Him with my whole heart.

If you are struggling with being obedient to God's will in your life whether it be cutting off an unhealthy relationship, quitting an addiction, or the like, ask Mother Mary to pray for you and let her humble "yes" be yours as well.

Mama Mary, thank you for always praying for us and for being our spiritual mother!


An angel came to me

Said I would bear

The Savior of the World

With trembling hands and insecurities

I dropped down to my knees and asked what could this mean?

And then the angel said,

"Mary have no fear

For you have found favor with our Lord

Have no doubts

For nothing will be impossible for our God"

My heart says Yes, Lord

I will love you

I will trust you all of my life

Behold, I am your servant

Let your will be done through me

Come in quickly to my heart

Let every beat remind me of your love for me

Though I am not worthy to bear this Holy Child

I know your spirit will guide my every way

To listen to this song, click on the following link:

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